My new soladin arrived yesterday. It's happily running now. I made a small change into SolGet, so it's possible to use an offset for your old values. If your Soladin is refurbished, and the values are not cleared, it is possible to use a negative value as offset, to correct the value. This is only for HTML output. SolGet will also run normally after connecting without changes.

Keep in mind that SolGet will rollover the values once a day at 23:55. It will show strange values on the first day, and will be corrected the next day.

This behaviour can be changed by editing the temporary file "solar.tmp" with VI. It contains 5 values. First is active flag. Second is daily production. Third daily runtime. fourth value total production, fifth total runtime. Change fourth value to second value (total=daily), and the same for third and fifth value.

Best time to do this, is right after connecting your new soladin. (Wait for the first reading though)

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