To connect your soladin inverter to your pc or logging device, you will need a converter. As a part of my project, I developed a converter which will do this task. It will separate the signal and ground lines for send and transmit, so it will end up with a TX + and - line, and a RS + and - line. Cable lengths can be much longer by this approach.

Sol-Link converters have 2 signal lights, to see whether there's data flow. This comes in handy during troubleshooting, with multiple soladin's, etc.

Sol-Link is developed in two versions; USB and RS232 connector.

Because communication with the Soladin inverter is serial, the USB version acts as a serial port on your PC.

Both versions are fully compliant with Linux and Windows (including Windows 7).

Sol-Link can be used with any kind of logging software.

Sol-Link is also suitable for Windmaster 500.

Small batch in progress!

Sol-Link project was halted for an unknown period of time, but I decided to do a small batch, about 5 pieces.

Because of the price drop of the official pc-link I'm thinking about building semi-finished sol-link modules. (Add a box and rs232 or usb converter yourself) 

Price for a module will be about 15 euro. Interested? Send me a message.



For Sol-Link I used this diagram to build the interface.

I used SMD components to keep the pcb small, to fit it in a RS232 modulair housing.

For USB connectivity you can use a standard USB to serial converter. 

Sol-Link RS232 (SOLD OUT)


Sol-Link RS232 Top Sol-Link RS232 Bottom


  • Serial cable with connectors
  • Sol-Link converter plug RS232 with signal leds


Sol-Link USB front Sol-Link USB back


  • Serial cable with connectors
  • Sol-Link converter plug USB with signal leds

Drivers can be found on the download page.



Sol-Link modules can be used for custom modifications. The example below shows an Asus wl500g deluxe router with dual soladin converter, all built into the original router housing.

wl500gx modification sol-link back

On the front side, two leds are built in to indicate data flow from the Soladin.

wl500gx modification sol-link front

This router is running a Linux Kernel and uses SolGet to create logging of two soladin inverters.

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