In general

SolGet is a linux shell script which reads data from a Solar inverter (Soladin 600, and Sunmaster series in future). This data is placed into a database, to create graphs using RRDTool. Besides of power output, also error messages and other values will be read. These values can be used for all kinds of logging purposes.

SolGet will create a CSV file with daily profit values and runtime, a logfile with errors and start/stop time of the inverter, and a database, to create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly graphs.

The complete set of values is used to create a simple webpage, for use on a public or private website.

Modulair code

SolGet consists of several procedures. Each procedure has a simple task. In this way, it's not very hard to create your own custom script.

The soladin will send it's data after a receiving a specific command. SolGet uses a single command, soladin responds with all actual data. This data is checked (CRC) and placed into several variables. SolGet shows these values in a html page, and stores the Power output also in a RRD database. Each hour, the graphs are created, based on the Power output of the soladin.


To get SolGet running you will need a linux server (I wrote SolGet on an Asus wl500gx router running busybox 1.1.3, with a 2.4 kernel) with RRDtool installed if you want to have graphs. SolGet uses cron to run each 5 minutes.

Get Solget

Use the download link at the right sidebar. After downloading, use the readme (included in the download) to setup SolGet.

If you need to connect your Soladin to the pc, take a look at Sol-Link, the hardware part of this project.


Actual Output


Soladin Graphs

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