Frequently Asked Questions

SolGet FAQ

Q: What do I need to run Solget?

A: A system running any linux distribution capable of running bash shell scripts. USB or RS232 port for communication with Soladin.

Q: Can I use SolGet for more than one Soladin?

A: Yes, simply install another instance of SolGet. Create several files and/or paths for each instance. It is possible to create graphs for all PV installations together. Scripting knowledge and basic knowledge of RRDtool is required however.

Q: I see strange values in HTML output file! (Negative values or high values)

A: Temporary file rollover occurs at 23:55 only. Next day all values will be correctly.

This behaviour can be changed by editing the temporary file "solar.tmp" with VI. It contains 5 values. First is active flag. Second is daily production. Third daily runtime. fourth value total production, fifth total runtime. Change fourth value to second value (total=daily), and the same for third and fifth value.

Q: My soladin is replaced, but I want to show my PV-system total value on HTML output!

A: Use SolGet 2.39 or newer and use the WtotOffset value to make corrections.

Q: Twitter output is not working!

A: Install curl on your system if it's not already there.

Q: I get " Syntax error: "(" unexpected (expecting "}")"

A: This is where Solget is creating an array based variable. SH is not compatible with arrays. Make sure the script runs in Bash. First line must point to your BASH install (use "whereis bash" on your commandline to find out). Furthermore, do not run solget in the following way: "sh" as this will force the interpreter to SH. Set your execute bit on solget correctly to run it.

Sol-Link FAQ

Q: Is Sol-Link compatible with all kinds of software/ OSses?

A: Yes, it will work on all major Operating Systems (Windows 2000, XP, Vista ,7 / Linux / etc) The USB version uses a Prolific 2303 chipset, which is widely supported. Sol-Link does exactly the same as the Mastervolt PC-link, and is fully compatible with all logging software programs written for Soladin.

Q: No communication! Green led stays off (1)!

A: Soladin does only respond during runtime. Without PV panels, in dark situations etc, no power will be produced, so there's no power to run the communications interface.

 Q: Green led stays off (2)!

A: Check your cable connection ("straight" serial cable does not work, it must be crossed), and make sure your software is sending correct commands. Soladin will only respond if it receives a valid command. (Green led)

Q: I use solget, I don't see the leds flashing?

A: Solget is only requesting data each 5 minutes. If the request succeeds, it's only a very short flash. Easy to miss.

Q: I get a "Code 10" after connecting Sol-Link USB module in the hardware section in Windows.

A: Install the driver provided on the download page. If there are already prolific USB 2 serial devices connected; try to uninstall the other driver.

Q: Mastervolt Soladin Wizard software won't show the correct Com port number after succesfully installing USB Sol-link?

A: This is a bug in the Mastervolt software. Most times this can be solved by typing the correct port manually in the comport field. (not using the dropdown box).

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